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Mission Statement


The Fantasy Greek’s mission is simple. To help you win your fantasy football league by providing the analysis for you to make reasonable roster choices each week. And, if you can have fun playing fantasy football, by talking and thinking like a fantasy football aficionado, then The Fantasy Greek has done the job of a good fantasy football analyst!


About Us


Jim Saranteas, President

Strabos Communications, Inc.


When I first started playing fantasy football fourteen seasons ago, I was overwhelmed by the information the league sites provided. There were ranks. Competing analysts. Starts/Sits (sometimes by competing analysts) that conflicted with the ranks. Mid-week stories (while good) had more to do with journalism (and again competing opinions) than winning that week. When I realized the information was not being provided in a meaningful way, I began to do my own fantasy football research rather than rely on site analysts. I began to play the match-ups. Most of all, I began to win! This has culminated in placing more times than anyone would care to count, winning multiple championships, and picking the winner of the past three Super Bowls in a row – Packers, Giants, and Ravens.


TFG Contributing Writers


Contributing writers help with coverage of each week’s games or select topics. Most have similar backgrounds as fantasy football players who love the game and love to write. If interested, please contact


Our Approach


The typical sports show model is to have different people voicing their disparate opinions about players and teams. The opinions tend to be diverse. The opinions tend to be contrary. Some opinions may be driven by sensationalism and ratings. Some opinions may be devoid of any real analysis, but may be driven by an understanding of several opinions “out there,” and then choosing what sounds like the best one. Unfortunately, some fantasy football websites and shows follow that same approach. Instead of helping you decide which of your players to play, you are left even more confused.


The Fantasy Greek’s goal is to provide information, commentary, and recommendations to fantasy football team owners, novice and experienced to help you make your weekly roster decisions in part, through one common voice. There are no competing interests at The Fantasy Greek. No difference of opinion. There is only a continuous goal of being right with each and every prognostication based on our analysis of each specific player match-up. No ranking of players (except for your fantasy draft) with a contrary start and sit analysis. Rather, The Fantasy Greek recognizes that you don’t have thirty-six running backs to choose from (or rank) each week, but four or five. So, The Fantasy Greek strives to provide you the best information to pick the best players in the best match-ups to play each week.


Our Tools


The tools provided by The Fantasy Greek analyze information throughout the season for each players’ specific match up so that you don’t have to. You get our top picks each week. But, The Fantasy Greek doesn’t get bogged down in ranking players. Rather, here’s what you get:

  • Starts/Sits
    • The Fantasy Greek reviews each game, and focuses on playing the match-ups, by providing weekly Starts/Sits.  Players are categorized as “On The Gridiron” (Starts), “On The Pine” (Sits), or “Coach’s Decision” in reference to players you the fantasy football team owner will have to decide whether to start or sit by comparing these players to others on your roster.
  • Fantasy Points Allowed Tool
    • The Start/Sit analysis is based on original research done through our Fantasy Points Allowed Tool (subscription only). Compiled by The Fantasy Greek, the tool is an average of the fantasy points allowed by a team’s defense to the other team’s position players (QB, RB, WR, TE, K), or by a team’s offense to the other team’s defense and special teams (DST). It is intended to help you identify when your position players have a favorable fantasy football match-up versus an unfavorable fantasy football match-up.
  • Pregame Analysis
    • A detailed analysis of each match-up through the Pregame Analysis (subscription only) is the core of our approach to helping you make roster decisions
  • Game Reviews
    • Plus, after the weekly games, The Fantasy Greek reviews each game to draw out what you the fantasy football team owner should take from it, through our Game Reviews.
  • Injury Report
    • After each weekend of games, get updated through our weekly Injury Report
  • Waiver Wire Report
    • Prepare for your waiver wire additions through our Waiver Wire Report.


In the end, it is The Fantasy Greek’s goal to bring fantasy team owners topical, statistically-relevant and useful information in a succinct package so that your fantasy choices and decisions are easier to render.


In addition, The Fantasy Greek provides information leading up to fantasy drafts (ranks, biographies, strength of schedule, quarterback handcuffs, defensive handcuffs, and divisional previews with a fantasy perspective with associated fantasy draft tools and articles) and the ability to interact with The Fantasy Greek and other owners all year long.  Likewise, owners have access to The Fantasy Greek for last-minute roster advice on game-day.


The Bottom Line


The Fantasy Greek can’t guarantee winning. But, The Fantasy Greek likes to think you’ll feel better about the fantasy decisions you make to help you win. Consider The Fantasy Greek the place you want to turn to with the questions you have on setting your weekly line-up. The Fantasy Greek thinks your chances are much improved with the detailed analysis the site provides.


The Fantasy Greek site is born from a passion about football, passion about fantasy football, but most of all, passion about helping people enjoy the football season!










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